Finding the perfect wedding suppliers

Food picture above is Bensons Catering

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  You want it to be special, you want it to be full of amazing memories.  The suppliers are all key to making your day special.  It doesn’t matter if you have two/three suppliers or 20/30, you need them all to do the best they can on your wedding day.

salford hall  Salford Hall, Worcestershire

So how do you find the right team?

  • Trust your instincts.  You will know if they feel right for you.  If you have any doubts or feel uncomfortable around them, then they probably aren’t the right people for you.
  • References.  Ask them for references, read reviews – not just on their site or Facebook page but on wedding directories or independent sites (like Google reviews)
  • Associations.  Ask if they are a member of any relevant association.  Most associations have rules/code of conduct that their members must adhere.
  • Ask friends and family you trust.  A good way to find great suppliers is word of mouth. If asking family and friends, just make sure their style, standards of ‘good’, etc. are similar to yours.
  • Samples/previous work.  Always ask for a sample or have a look at their previous work.  When choosing a photographer or videographer, ask to see the full film reel/video so you get a good idea of the range of shots they take and the standard throughout the day.  The ones chosen for ‘show’ will always be the best of the best so you just want to ensure the rest taken are just as amazing (with good photographers they normally amazing photographs throughout).

If you are finding it hard to secure or find your suppliers, why not get in touch and see how I can help.  You can either contact me here or book an appointment here.


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