Large Wedding Ceremonies

Having a large ceremony?  Inviting over 200 guests?

You want everyone who is special in your life to be there when you make your promises to each other.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to declare your love in front of everyone that means something to you.  However, as soon as your numbers for the ceremony go over 200, you struggle to find the perfect venue.

It is hard to find somewhere that caters for and is licenced for more than 200 people at the ceremony.  It is not impossible though.  Off the top of my head, I know of 16 venues that can accommodate 200 or more ceremony guests across the South West, South East, North West, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire & Humberside and London.  One of which can hold up to 1000 guests for your ceremony.

When you are looking for a large ceremony venue, it can become disheartening and make you question if you are making the right choice.  You have chose these people to be there for a reason, don’t give up.  Instead ask for help.  I offer a range of services, all cater for large weddings.

      Dumbleton Hall, large ceremony

There are a range of options available for a large ceremony:

  • Have the legal side done at a registrar then have a celebrant conduct your larger ceremony.  You can still exchange rings if you wish or make it more personal to you.  Handfasting, Unity Candle, Wine Ceremony, Love Letters ceremony, the list is endless.  The benefits this can provide is endless however for large ceremonies, the best benefit is knowing you can have it anyway that can hold your number of guests, even if they don’t have a licence.  From a exquisite hotel to a large marquee to a local park to a boat – The list goes on.
  • Traditional religious wedding in a place of worship
  • Civil ceremony in a range of venues.  You can choose from (but not limited to):
    • Ancient historical homes
    • Former commercial buildings (i.e. Breweries, assembly rooms, Victorian mills, railway stations)
    • Converted churches
    • Manor houses
    • Stately homes
    • Clean, modern rooms
    • Country Estates

Key to marriage, woodland wedding, traditional wedding with a modern twist, worcestershire wedding planner, herefordshire wedding planner, caz holbrook photography,Being organised is key

When planning a large wedding, it is key to keep in touch with all your suppliers after you have booked them.  This makes sure everyone stays on track and understands the requirements thoroughly.

Guest list management becomes key.  You need to know who is or isn’t coming, any special requirements (not just dietary requirements), where people are going to stay and/or park.

How are you going to keep guests entertained throughout the day?  Is the environment suitable for the number of guests (you don’t want guests squashed in a room or overheating)?  Are the facilities sufficient (one toilet per 75 guests is not ideal nor is one lift or staircase)?  Do you have adequate lighting and a decent sound system?

There is a lot to consider however it all leads to the day of your dreams.

If you dream big but not sure how to put it in to action, I can help.  From inspiration sessions to partial planning to full planning.  All my services are tailored to your exact needs meaning your proposal is unique to you – Just how your wedding is unique to you.


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