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Why hire a wedding planner?

The question most people ask is ‘Why hire a wedding planner’?


Weddings take a lot of time to plan no matter how simple or small they may be.  The attention to detail is key to ensure your day is perfect and that takes time to think of the ideas, source the right suppliers and plan for the day.


If you want to enjoy your engagement to the limits and beyond, have a uniquely designed wedding which is planned to perfection and delivered on budget, hiring a wedding planner is the way to go.


Wedding planners may not save you money but will deliver value for money.  They offer ideas to make your dream wedding come to life in ways you would never have thought and know the best suppliers in your area which meet your requirements perfectly.  Professional wedding planners will deliver your day beyond expectations, not only making your dream come true but surpassing it.



Wedding Planners


A wedding planner takes away the stress, pressure and time you would need to spend with support & guidance, unique ideas and visions whilst leaving you in control.  Come your big day, you will be relaxed and excited, looking the best for your wedding day.


You can hire a wedding planner to do a much or little as you like.  From helping with specifics like venue or supplier sourcing, to on-the-day coordination to partial and full planning.


When choosing a wedding planner it is key you get on with this person.  You will be trusting this person to deliver your dreams.  If you do not see eye to eye or their ideas are not linked to yours, the stress will increase and the day may not be your perfect dream.  Ideally, before employing a wedding planner, arrange to meet them face to face (or video call if face to face is not practical) and ask as many questions you need to.  If you do not feel comfortable or have any doubts, they probably aren’t the right one for you.  Do not feel you have to hire the first one you meet.



‘I have a venue coordinator included in my package.  Why would I need a planner?’


Venue coordinator are normally experienced and good at their job.  They will know their venue, the options, what looks good and able to recommended favoured suppliers.  However, in most cases their main focus will be the venue.  A wedding planner provides a more personalised service, offers a wider range of expertise and has your expectations as their number one priority.



Anyone can benefit from a wedding planner, as long as it’s the right planner for you.  Remember to meet them before deciding.  Just because they have an amazing portfolio, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right one for you.


Why not book an appointment with me today and see how I can help you.




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